Goat Waters

What have you gone and done now?

I started blogging, don’t you know?


That’s a really good question, Mark.

Statement. One love.

If you appreciate goat stew, Tom Stoppard, bookworming, homeschool, craftsmanship, good beer, travel, snapping turtles, and wordsmithing, you might enjoy reading through Goat Waters. It’s not much more than a family adventure blog, but our adventures have taken us interesting places both inside (of books, and of kitchens) and outside (sailing across the Pacific, or climbing Mt. Christoffel).

The blog just went live, so it’s only a fragment of what I’ve got plotted out in my head. There’s a lot to type, so you may want to skip reading it now and return when it’s fleshed out. And please be patient with the broken-off stories and dead end links…I will eventually get around to populating the unpopulated portions of Goat Waters, and if I’ve left a tale unfinished, I’ll be back.

If you want to read something complete, try these specific pages:

Avoiding The Path – What we do, sometimes.

Oh, Snap! – On rescuing snapping turtles.

Viking Send-off – Saying goodbye to beloved dogs.

Piranha Teeth – The similarity between my son & a piranha.

Ringmar, The Duck – Homestyle amputation.

If you want to see something incomplete, then hope for more, try these pages:

Curiosity’s Cabinet – One page of two on collecting.

Spilling The Negroni – On making spilt drinks.

Goat Vittles – Yum, goats!

There’s plenty of other stuff, too, but much of it ends exactly like this page: [to be continued].