YLI #100 Japanese Silk Thread


YLI is a brand we’ve stocked for years and it is one that many, many rodmakers rely upon. Head’s Up: as of early 2018, YLI is becoming increasingly difficult to inventory…If you order a color that isn’t currently in our racks, we’ll refund the purchase price.

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Product Description

If you’ve been whipping rods with a Japanese filament silk thread, this is most likely the stuff you’ve been using, regardless of the name under which it was sold. It is very high quality silk and the price/spool is quite reasonable.

Head’s Up! YLI is becoming increasingly scarce.  Our distributor still has decent inventory of the size #100 YLI silks which remain available, but I’m posting the new note here as well.

Stop….NEW NOTE 2/21/20…Until further notice, please pay for all orders containing YLI silks using PayPal (which makes it easy for us to issue refunds as needed; we CANNOT issue refunds promptly if you pay by Credit Card because the bank’s security protocols ensure that your card data is erased the instant the transaction is processed).  If you need more than two spools of a color, please email to see if we have enough in stock…we might not even have one or two spools because we must update inventory manually and we’re often a day behind on this process.  While we appreciate the large orders we’ve been receiving recently, we cannot fill most of them. The YLI brand silks went out of stock with our distributor.  We appreciate all the seamstresses who have found our shop and started ordering recently, however we’re in the same position as all your former suppliers.  We are very low on inventory because we’re unable to restock most colors. 

The last several orders arrived here partially filled. Not good. If you order a spool and we don’t have stock, we’ll issue you a refund for the purchase price. We STRONGLY suggest ordering another brand, either Tire (size #50) or Kimono (size #100).

62 color options available in YLI #100. Working from the chart, please order by color code.
The second set of numbers reflects the #100 color code (if available).

Here are sixteen of the most handsome YLI #100 colors. This selection combines our ten best sellers with six colors that I thought deserved better recognition by rodmakers and restorationists.
223, 241, 231, 213, 256, BLK, 234, 226, 247, 222, 221, 228, 217, 205, 209, 211

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