Vintage Paddle Foot Snakes – 50+



50+ Vintage Paddle Foot Snakes!

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20th Anniversary Sale.

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This listing contains one single package of vintage, bright (steel or chrome plated steel), paddle foot snakes. Let us emphasize: Beautiful Paddle Feet.  Ideal for wrapping with fine silks.  The sizes are assorted, but they lean small.  Ideal for your lightest rods, or for rods that will be cast with silk lines.  If you do restoration work, what a fine collection to have in your stash.  If you want to make a few retro silk rods, wow…what an opportunity.  Watch for another listing that will contain three half-sets of vintage nickel silver step down ferrules.  Think: chocolate & peanut butter…so much better together if you can grab both component listings.

We pulled a couple snakes from this bag and they tend to run from about 0.785″ long and 0.210″ tall to about 0.875″ long and 0.260″ tall.

There are over 50 snakes in this bag.  As rare as nice paddle foot guides are, these would be fairly priced at over $5.00/guide.  These are less.