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Vintage German Rings – Modern Hydro-Welded™ Frames!

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Hi Folks, we are no longer producing this line – for the time being. Once the shop is moved and set up again, I expect to resume production on these and many other of our Golden Witch and Arcane Component Works parts. After an item is listed as ‘Production On Pause,’ please don’t request that we make an exception for you; the tools to make each paused item are already boxed up and ready to move in a shipping container. Thanks for your understanding and patience as we shift from a full-time operation to a semi-retired part-time operation. I expect our sabbatical will last the entirety of 2023, with operations firing up again in early 2024. – Russ


ACW’s Vintage Medium Frame Stripping Guide.  These guides feature our second generation, Hydro-Welded™ Frames in the Medium Frame variant.  The guide ring sits slightly closer to the blank than with the Vintage High Frame, but, as you’d expect, not as low as with a Low Frame.

Note: October 2020 – We’ve switched production over to our new Hydro-Welded™ Frames.  The current photos show only our new, second generation, frames – the new frames are immediately recognizable when compared to the first generation frames due to the crisper fold at the pointed top of each of the frame wings.

10mm Vintage Medium Frame In Foreground With 10mm Vintage High Frame In Background.


Pre-WWII Rings; Modern bezels; Hydro-Welded™ Frames; Crafted In-House.

Vintage, Pre-WWII Red Rings 10mm – a mix of agate and agatine, no material choice.


Welding A Guide Frame Foot With The Hydrogen Torch And Hard Silver Solder.


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