Vintage German Silver Stripper Frames – FINAL INVENTORY



Vintage Stripping Guide Frames – Classic!


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Update: 4/28/22 Only five of the 100-Packs remain in stock!

So, you want to make guides now that I’m taking a sabbatical? These frames will get you half-way there. I have several hundred of these, and all more or less the same size – ideal for 10mm rings, but they’ll work with anything from about 9mm to 11mm. Tweak the wings with fingers or padded pliers; file the feet to final form; solder in your ring; polish to perfection. Watch the webstore and this page in particular…I’ll be adding some pre-bezelled rings and/or some fluted rings to which you can easily add a wire bezel (this is far easier for the home guidemaker – in most instances – than adding a sheet bezel to an unfluted ring).

These frames are Pre-WWII German made….incredibly high quality. Approximately 1.355″ long from foot tip to foot tip; approximately 0.420″ tall from the bottom of the feet to the top of the wings; formed from wire about 0.048″ thick. They were, hands down, the best frames I had in the shop until I developed our second generation Hydro-Welded frames. They polish beautifully (be careful polishing guides…those feet are SHARP and they can catch in a buffing wheel very easily). You assume all risk for your shop products and processes.

Lots of 10 frames $200.00 plus shipping/insurance at regular GW rates. Lots of 100 frames $1550.00 and that includes domestic shipping & insurance. If you asked me to make comparable frames using our Hydro-Welded process – matching in wire weight (comparable to our sturdy HD guide-weight frames) with rough-formed feet – I wouldn’t touch the job for less than $30.00/frame, so these prices represent a very sound value, especially in the bulk pack.

To get a sense for how much money you can save, figure that GW is retailing the Oyster Special 10mm Guide (and many others) for $59.95 and up as of early 2022, plus $5.00 extra for the HD version of the frame.  You can buy these rough frames for as little as $15.50 each, add a porcelain or stone ring for $10 or thereabouts, plus two tiny pallions of solder (a negligible expense) – and your time (the real investment).  Blue & clearcoat these guides and you’ve just added another $15.00 or more in value.  In short, you can craft guides worth about $80.00 each for a hair over $25.50 in material expenses.  Not only are you saving money, but when chatting with friends and rod clients you’ll have the claim to fame that you crafted your own stripping guide from rough parts!