Vintage Chrome Ferrules – 31/64 – Half Sets



Huge Chrome Ferrules!

Product Description

20th Anniversary Sale.

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Sold Individually.  From our years of collecting oddball parts as the opportunity presented itself, we offer ten half-sets of very big NOS ferrules.  These monsters are chrome plated (most likely chrome plated brass).  They shouldn’t require any fitting, but the males won’t seat full depth with finger pressure….they should once mounted.

The style is a muted, inverse Step Down, with slight shoulder on the UPPER side of the females.  The females have a water seal.

If you’re making some of the large tapers in Herter’s Manual, these might be the ferrules you need.  Chromed ferrules were also used on some early fiberglass rods.  They can be nice to have in your restoration stash.

Male slide OD is ~0478″ or roughly 30.75/64th, so we’re calling them 31/64 in the title.  The male ferrule is ~1.760″ long; the female is ~2.755″ long.  One sample set was measured.