Vintage Orange Agatine “Coarse” Guide – 26.5mm


German Quality!

Product Description

20th Anniversary Sale.

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These guides are part of our German collection.  We have exactly seventeen in this bin as the listing starts.

Ring: ~26.5mm OD x 16.5mm ID.  Height: ~1.320″.  Length: ~2.590″.

These are gorgeous, Pre-WWII specimens, featuring finely formed feet, and a large, orange agatine ring.  If you’re making a coarse rod, something for carp or the like, you need this guide as the butt guide on the rod.  Also works great if you’re making retro saltwater tackle…one bag of very similar guides in our German stash was labelled “Tuna Guides.”  We’ve had clients buy these for stripping guides on large Spey & Salmon rods.  These are chrome plated, so they will pick up a green oxide if you don’t rinse them well after time in the salt.  Even if you never build a rod of large proportions, it’s nice to have one of these on your desk as a curiosity – much more fun to play with than a fidget spinner.

NOS in great condition.

Sold individually.  These are priced to move – unrepeatable historic German craftsmanship for less than the cost of a new agate guide.