Vintage 26.5mm Orange Agatine Ring With Brass Bezel


26.5mm Orange Agatine Ring With Brass Bezel.  Sold individually.

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Product Description

Vintage agatine rings are great if you need to replace a cracked ring on an old guide, or you want to try your hand at making new guide, without having to cut a ring.  As much as we love sharing ‘how-to’ information, please understand that making guides from scratch requires a host of specialty tools, and a fair bit of know-how.  It would require a week-long jewelry class, or a considerable book, not a blurb, to guide you through the steps of making a guide or tiptop frame.  Until we write that book and produce a companion DVD on the subject, you’re on your own.  Replacing a pre-bezelled ring in an existing guide frame is just a matter of de-soldering the old ring and re-soldering the new ring; that’s a minor challenge nearly any good craftsman can master with bit of experimentation.  Good luck!

These Pre-WWII, German-made rings are cut & polished from orange glass.  The ring, brass bezel included, has an O.D. of about 26.5mm and an I.D. of about 16.5mm, with a width of about 4.5mm.  You’ll get used to this notation on the vintage parts pages.  We use the term “about” because we’re measuring one sample out of a bin of comparable parts.  They’re all close enough to be in the same bin, but in some cases they were produced over a period of years and they are not identical.

Product number VSAR-265-OG-BB.  This stands for Vintage Synthetic Agate Ring – 23mm OD – Orange Glass – Brass Bezel.  Sort of makes sense, and it helps us to begin wrapping our heads around all these parts.

Sold Individually.  Good Supply.


“A replacement Agatine on a vintage reel” by Fung C.

Imagine what you might accomplish!


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