U-40 Rod Bond




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FINAL INVENTORY!  We’re clearing out most of our adhesives, including this go-to favorite!  Grab some at discount.


The 8oz size is OUT OF STOCK.


This is a must-have for your rod shop. In our shop this glop is the all-but-universal adhesive. We use it on every rod we make, whether for adhering nickel silver ferrules to the blank, reel seat caps to their wood inserts, or grips to blanks. Its 1:1 formula makes it easy to use … just dish out a teaspoonful dollop or two of each component, stir until blended, and you’re set! This strong, flexible paste epoxy will serve you well.

Don’t fritz out if the white component is semi-hardened and crystalized.  Give it a 10 second blast in the microwave.  Maybe a second blast.  Don’t overdo this process – it heats up FAST!  Stir.  Allow to cool back to room temperature or thereabouts.  Bear in mind this epoxy cures in an exothermic reaction which means if you mix hot components, they’ll cure faster, perhaps faster than you intend.  You cook, blend, and utilize epoxy entirely at your own risk.  Do not operate motor vehicles while stirring epoxy.


Made in the USA

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4 oz., 8 oz.