Two Video Set – Making Bamboo Blanks & Finishing Bamboo Rods (DVD)


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Product Description

Hi Russ,   I just completed watching your videos on Making Bamboo Blanks and Finishing Bamboo Rods. One word sums it up, “Outstanding”!  You gave me what I needed to go forward with confidence.  Thank you, Fidel R. (USA)

Using the methods originally taught by Daryll Whitehead, then refined through years of custom and light production rodmaking in the Golden Witch rod shop, Russ Gooding and his team will guide you from selecting the raw culm to the finished blank. Broken into discrete steps, making bamboo blanks is a surprisingly straightforward process. This video focuses on blank making, not as a mechanical engineering exercise replete with arcane formulae, but as an accessible craft to which all anglers can aspire. Bamboo is potent, yet sublime. Try it! Featurette: Blueing Ferrules – How To Blue & Clear Coat Nickel Silver Ferrules. 87 Min


Aesthetic decisions, fit, and finish define the quality of a split bamboo rod long before an angler tests its action over rising fish. An elegant rod is a harmonious composition, melding classic styling with components that hark back to the era of our forefathers: agate stripping guides, fine silk threads, cork, native wood, nickel silver, and natural oil & resin varnishes. Well finished, a bamboo rod looks good, feels good, and even smells good. Although each rodmaker will choose a different aesthetic, all rodmakers must master the details of fit and finish. Featurette: Ferrule Plugs—Turning Mastodon Ivory & Nickel Silver Ferrule Plugs. 90 Min.


Made in the USA