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These ferrules are  our  premium line of nickel silver ferrules, crafted by the masters at CSE and widely recognized as the finest available. Appropriately named Super Swiss, this ferrule system utilizes a time-proven design that needs no introduction.  These Truncated Super Swiss Ferrules are roughly 30% shorter than Standard Super Swiss Ferrules – ideal for 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8 piece rods.  Yes, some rodmakers do go to extremes, decoratively interspersing short sections of bamboo between the many ferrule sets on eminently pack-able travel rods.

Traditionally preferred by knowledgeable rodmakers for their superior strength, reliability, and streamlined profile. Not only do the straight bores on both male and female sections accommodate identical rod shaft diameters, but they also require minimal removal of power fibers which results in the maximum rod strength through the ferrule area.

  • Standard Super Swiss ferrules are typically used for 2 pc. rods
  • Truncated Super Swiss ferrules are typically used for 3 pc. rods
  • Step-down Super Swiss ferrules best complement the system used by well-known rodmakers like H.L. Leonard, E.F. Payne, F.E. Thomas, & others. These ferrules are particularly useful for general restoration jobs where precise replication of a maker’s ferrule set is not necessary.

Males are 0.001″ oversize and require minimal lapping.

  • Whole set (WS) indicates one female & two males.
  • Half Set (HS) indicates one female, one male.
  • Female Only (F).
  • Male only (M).

Whole or Half Set?  Here’s the quick explanation:

If you have a two piece blank with only one tip, you need a half set.  The female ferrule mounts on the butt section; the male on the tip section.  If you have a two piece blank with two tips, that’s when you need a whole set so you have the female for the butt, and one male for each of the tips.  Bamboo rods are most often made with a spare tip, so somehow a “whole” set wound up designating the complete set needed for the more common two piece, two tip rod.  The half set then winds up being what you need for a one tip rod…or any other place you need just a single female and a single male, e.g., at the lower joint on a three piece rod where you need a half set between the butt and the mid sections.

Another way of thinking of this…

If you have a 2/1 rod (two rod sections, one tip) you need a half set.

If you have a 2/2 rod (two rod sections, two tips) you need a whole set.

If you have a 3/1 rod (three rod sections, one tip), you need two half sets…one half set each for the butt/mid joint and for the mid/tip joint.

If you have a 3/2 rod (three rod sections, two tips), then you need a half set for the butt/mid joint and a whole set for the mid/tip joint.

This pattern extends for 4/1 rods, 4/2 rods, and so on.

If you haven’t found our Ferrule Advice ramble yet, you might want to scoot over there and read through everything, especially if you’re new to ferrules and ferruling.


Made in the USA

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