Traditional Aluminum & Cork Ferrule Plugs


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Product Description

We’re proud to bring you a simple, traditional design in a variety of sizes that will accommodate ferrules ranging from 8/64-26/64.

Like the ferrule plugs used by Payne and other classic rodmakers, these are crafted from polished aluminum and feature a cork plug that can be sanded to fit a range of ferrule diameters. To be clear, you, the rodmaker, must adhere the cork plug to the aluminum stem, sand the cork to match your ferrule, and then trim any protruding aluminum stem so that it is flush with the bottom of the cork. We suggest using U-40 RodBond to epoxy the stem to the cork plug; it’s also good practice to use masking tape to protect the polished aluminum finial during the sanding process so that you don’t scratch it. Sand the cork plug evenly & slowly and test the fit often. Unsanding is a particular challenge.

We offer five sizes of plugs so that the visible cap is scaled to match the female ferrule welt. Please note, the nominal sizes listed below are scaled to match the male OD/female ID for Swiss style ferrules of the same nominal size (not the actual size of the female ID/male slide OD). This would include GW Field Grade ferrules, Super-Z ferrules, Super Swiss ferrules, Truncated Super Swiss ferrules, etc.

#1 (8-11)
#2 (12-15)
#3 (16-19)
#4 (20-23)
#5 (24-26)

Made in the USA

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