Thompson Rod Winder by Herters



The Herter’s Rod Winding Tool!

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20th Anniversary Sale.

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Just one.  This is a Thompson Rod Winder that was either made by, or made for, Herter’s of Waseca, Minnesota.  Yes, that’s George Leonard Herter’s sporting goods company and he’s the guy who wrote the famed Professional Glass And Split-Bamboo Rod Building Manual And Manufacturer’s Guide that we’re offering in another of our 20th Anniversary Sale listings.  Put these two together and you have a cool tool and a book, or a great pair of vintage rodmaking display items.

These tools pop up at flea markets every once in a while for a great price, but when you go looking for them they’re almost impossible to find.  This one is flawless, functional, and a bit of a historical curiosity since only a relatively small number of the Thompson tools were branded “Herter’s”.  This one has been a display item in the GW shop for years.  Now it’s time to move it over to your rod shop or that impromptu rod wrapping station at the kitchen table of your cabin in the Blue Ridge mountains of northern South Carolina!

Good luck!