The Traditional Cork Clamp – FINAL INVENTORY



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Product Description

FINAL INVENTORY!  Get one of our premier quality  cork clamps while we have them!


Our clamp is traditionally styled and has through-holes in both durable hardwood clamping plates. Use it to clamp cork rings on the blank or on a steel dowel, prior to turning your own grips. And, whether you make your own grips or not, use our clamp when gluing grips and reel seats in place, thus eliminating the unsightly and unprofessional gaps that can otherwise creep into your handiwork. Pad both throughholes with scrap cork for the latter operation.

As of 2018, we now have a premier version of this tool, made by the same woodwright who crafts our laminated Roughing & Intermediate forms. These sweet cork clamps feature finely finished wood blocks…they look good and they work well! We’ll get photos up before long (at the moment the old version is pictured).


Made in the USA

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