The Rod Drying Motor – FINAL INVENTORY


Final Inventory!

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Three left as I type this in Mid-May.



This superb drying motor impressed us enough to add several to our own shop. The rod support is adjustable for height to keep your rod level during varnish application and drying, thus keeping your finish level. The three-jaw, self-centering chuck is even more impressive. With its rubber-padded jaws, it firmly grasps reel seats, ferrules, cork grips … whatever needs to be held … and it does so without damaging or marring the parts. A lock nut holds the chuck at the tension you desire. The speed is a comfortable 9 RPM.


When we finish bamboo rods, SW Spar is the stuff we use.

Sutherland Welles Ltd ® Marine Spar Varnish – FINAL INVENTORY

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