The GW Master Track Wrapper


This tool is used to wrap all Golden Witch rods and we recommend it entirely.

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Product Description

In 2001, we bought out the original manufacturer of this tool, giving us the leeway to institute some improvements over the already impressive original. The main improvement, which you can’t see, is that we modified the track and the sliding components (tensioner & rollers) to accommodate strong leaf springs which lock the sliders in place unless you want to move them. The 60” hardwood track, along with two sets of rollers, hold any rod, gently but securely. Rubber rollers on the wheels are smooth, even with faceted rods. Delicate thread tension adjustment tensions the spool, not the thread itself, allowing you to work the finest silks with confidence. One word of caution, these are a great working tool, not a model specimen of an artfully crafted tool.  Please note, the wood used to make each wrapper varies based on what is locally available – oak, maple, and/or ash are usually what winds up being used.

This tool is used to wrap all Golden Witch rods and we recommend it entirely.


Recently we’ve had some questions about this wrapper.  Here they are, along with our responses:

Does this machine keep the thread under tension to allow you to ‘back up’ slightly?
No, there’s no “reverse” tension mechanism. I’ve used wrappers with reverse tensioners and without. Speaking only for myself, because there is a diversity of opinion, I find it more reliable to reach up with one hand and roll the spool backwards as I unwind an errant wrap. This is especially the case if you need to reverse by more than a single turn….the reverse tensioners give you this false sense of security that it’s ok to “wrap backwards” to correct an error, but the moment you hit the limit of the spring, all tension is gone and your wrap discombobulates.


How many roller units come with the basic wrapper?
The basic tool has the main track, two roller units, and one thread tower.
Do the spare roller assemblies come mounted on a base? Am I assuming correctly that I can use the spare rollers alongside the machine for when you need the rod blank to hang ‘outside’ the area you are working on?
Almost correct. The spare rollers are mounted on a base, but it’s the same spring-tensioned base that the others have, which only allows it to work within the track, not beyond the track.  The spare rollers are best used for long, or very fine, rod sections, which allows you to have one roller on each side of the thread tower, for stability in your work area, then one roller at whichever end of the track you’ve got the bulk of the rest of the blank weight – just a little extra support. It’s wise to have a third roller, but not utterly necessary, which is why we offer it as an option, rather than making the basic price higher by including it as part of the package.


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