The GW Gift Certificate

Now available for any amount, (one dollar or above) and emailed to the recipient if you choose (enter email address at checkout!) E-Certificates Only; We no longer mail physical gift certificates.

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Product Description

As of 12/16/21 we are no longer offering Gift Certificates for sale.  If you possess a Gift Certificate, please spend that before 12/31/22.  The company structure will be changing in early 2023.  More details to follow in early 2022.   Thanks so much for your business & your understanding.


Available as an eGift (emailed to a recipient). The photo on this page is strictly representative. In today’s modern times a randomly generated code will be emailed to the recipient(s). This code will be the gift certificate.

Delivery Details: At checkout, you will be given the opportunity to enter an email address for recipient(s). The email address you enter at that point is the only email address that will be valid in conjunction with your gift certificate code; make sure you enter the email address of the person who will be using the gift certificate!

Did the rodmaker in your family hand you a print-out of our website with so many highlighted items that it looks more like a wedding registry than an even remotely hopeful wish list?

If so, try our Gift Certificate on for size. We offer these to suit any budget, from realistic to Rubenesque. Buy a gift certificate that suits you and pop the quandary of selection back into the lap of your rodmaker.

Gift Certificates do not incur sales tax or shipping charges at the time of purchase. Gift certificates are valid for five years from the date of issue. Please use them in a reasonable period of time.

You and your rodmaker are sure to be delighted!

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