The Graphite Fly Rod: How to Build a Modern Classic – FINAL INVENTORY




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Russ…I watched your graphite rod building video.  I really enjoyed it.  It was a borrowed copy, so I will need to buy my own 🙂 – Dan D. (USA)


An established master with bamboo, Russ Gooding of Golden Witch Technologies, takes the classic bamboo rod building aesthetic and translates it to the modern graphite blank.  This comprehensive guide to building a graphite fly rod focuses on a 7’6″ 4-weight, but the tools and techniques used can be applied to a wide range of rods.  This production goes into great detail on each and every step, using close-up shots, multiple angles, and repetition where needed to ensure that you’ll understand all the methods Russ demonstrates.  The final chapter is devoted to Executing Feather Inlays, a popular decoration for graphite rods!


Made in the USA


“Nikki and Russ, Thanks for shipping the instructional video “The Graphite Fly Rod” so quickly. My compliments to Russ and the videographer for doing such an outstanding job on the video. Because of the tips in the video, I feel totally confident in building a graphite rod. Previously, I had viewed many YouTube “how-to” tutorials, but none of them were as complete and precise as yours! Also, thanks for including the beautiful hook keeper surprise as well as the Golden Witch Technology logo stickers along with the video. … Russ’s artistry and knowledge certainly deserve much praise…bravo!  Thanks again,”  – Bob E. (New York, USA)



Chapter Selection:
Disc One – 1 Hr 40 Min
The Classic Aesthetic
Natural Components
Design Theme
Finding The Spine
Dry Fit Grip & Reel Seat
Glue Grip & Reel Seat
Tape Reel Seat Arbors
Guide Placement
Mounting The Tip Top
Guide Foot Preparation
Preparing To Wrap The Guides
Secure Winding Check
Stripping Guide Primary Wrap
Stripping Guide Tipping Wrap
Disc Two – 1 Hr 50 Min
Snake Guide Primary Wraps
Snake Guide Tipping Wraps
Smallest Snake Wrap
Tip Top Wrap
Ferrule Wrap
Tender/Check Wrap
Signature Wrap
Apply Color Preserver
Preparing To Epoxy Wraps
First Coat Of Epoxy
Between Coat Corrections
Second Coat Of Epoxy
Polishing The Rod
Inking  The Rod
Executing Feather Inlays



Two Video Set – Making Bamboo Blanks & Finishing Bamboo Rods (DVD) – FINAL AVAILABILITY