The Fresh Cut Agatine JM Special™ Stripping Guides



The Fresh Cut Agatine version of our JM Special™!


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Product Description

We present the “JM Special” series of guides.  One of our clients worked with ACW to create a new guide: vivid colors; a narrow, modern ring; a classic cradle frame.  9mm, 10mm, & 11mm.  These guides are ideal for making retro rods, or when a restoration calls for a new stripping guide.

Ring Availability:

  • 9mm – Bull’s Blood Agatine & Cherry Agatine
  • 10mm – Bull’s Blood Agatine & Cherry Agatine
  • 11mm – Bull’s Blood Agatine & Cherry Agatine

Frame Options:

  • Bright
  • Blued
  • Bronzed

One of these photos shows the new agatines matched up with fine silks.  These spools are Kimono’s #318 Geisha (itself a good match for the old “Chinese Red”) and #319 Hezza.  Respectively, they pair nicely with our Cherry Agatine and Bull’s Blood Agatine.


Be sure to read about the new agatines on our Ramblings post!

Made in the USA

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Agatine Color

Bull's Blood, Cherry


9mm, 10mm, 11mm