The Founder’s Series

Rarely Available – Small Batch Production Guides Sold Individually.

Product Description

The Founder’s Series.

These, more than any other guides on the site, are the founder’s guides.  They’re ‘mine’ in the sense that rather than making each of these guides to order for another maker, I chose each part to suit my momentary notions of The Perfect Guide.  I’ll be making small batches, typically ten guides, in each format that appeals to my sense of aesthetics.  The rings featured in each little batch are – to my eye, and not necessarily anyone else’s eye – the most intriguing ten rings in a given bin full of rings.  In many cases, I gravitate toward the unusual rings, rings with atypical banding patterns, e.g., converging arrow points rather than lines of latitude, or to nominally banded stones with amorphous blotching rather than striations.  With the unbanded Moss Agates nearly all the rings are worthy of The Founder’s Series, yet some still stand out as particularly distinctive.  Banded or unbanded, these stones are often the most truly ‘one of a kind’ rings…nothing similar remains in the bin after each is pulled to make one fine guide.

Here’s an Okapi with an atypical banding pattern:

This guide and nine more of similar size and style are (or will be) available, until sold, here:

Founders Series – 12mm Fluted Okapi Agate With Precious Silver Rope Bezel



Hydro-Welded Guides

Hydro-Welded Guide Frames – Production Notes

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