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According to Stein & Schaaf’s book, Dickerson: The Man and His Rods, Lyle Dickerson used three separate formats for his hook tenders.  There were variously a) some have none at all, b) rarely a ring & saddle, or c) usually his own creation, a “loop the loop” tender.   To borrow from Charles Darwin, “…from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful… .”  The evolution of this hook tender flows from that original “loop the loop” concept to an entire series of Dickerson-Inspired Twisted Tenders in brass, nickel silver, sterling silver, and gold. Single loops.  Double loops.  Soft soldered or hard soldered with silver or gold.  Matching solders and contrasting solders.

This page showcases the Dickerson-Inspired Twisted Tender with a single loop, in either of the base metal options, which are nickel silver and brass.  

A recent recipient of one of these light wire nickel silver tenders remarked that they were ‘dainty’…a fair description because they start with light wire, then are formed, soldered, stamped, trimmed, ground, and polished, much of which removes material.  If you don’t want dainty, order the heavy wire version, which is a sturdy big brother by comparison, but offering the same curlicued charm as its dainty little sister.

OK, a bit more text here now that we’ve added pictures of some additional options.  There are two wire diameters to choose from.  All variants are available in light wire (approximately 0.040″ diameter); ONLY brass and nickel silver variants are available in heavy wire (approximately 0.051″)…these are for big rods.  If in doubt, order the light wire.  All brass and nickel silver tenders on this page are soldered with “soft” solder – we use a professional gunsmithing solder appropriate for soldering front sight posts on pistols, i.e., it’s strong enough to handle magnum recoil, so it can handle your hook.  All Jewelry Grade options in Sterling Silver or 18K Yellow Gold are “hard” soldered, i.e., welded, with either Sterling Silver Solder or 18K Gold Solder.  Double Loop options are more expensive because they consume a lot more metal during the manufacturing process, both in the second loop (obviously), but also in the jig that forms these tenders.  All the Jewelry Grade metals utilize ROPE wire format, as pictured currently, unless you request plain wire (few do, because, for example, plain gold wire doesn’t look much different from plain brass wire).  We do not currently offer a clear-coat on the Jewelry Grade parts because if they’re clear coated, you can’t polish them gently with a Sunshine cloth just prior to showing off your work, or passing it along to your client.

Read everything you ever wanted to read about hook tenders on our Ramblings post, here!

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The pricing on these reflects the current value of shop labor.  When you purchase these parts, you’re actively supporting American craftsmen & women.  Yes, my daughter, Alex, has joined Drake & I in the shop and is starting her apprenticeship by doing the preliminary work (wire bending & smashhammering) on the hook tenders.

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