The Cork Slicing Jig – FINAL INVENTORY




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Two remain as of 7/18/22.

Limited to stock on hand.  Our woodworker, discerning our intent to slow way down, opted to retire himself completely and go fishing.  Woohoo!  No more wood tools after these are gone.

Tim Abbott’s innovative bandsaw accessory. The purpose of this tool is to SAFELY trim cork rings to a narrower width. Thin rings are no longer commercially available—why not cut your own? Using our jig with your bandsaw and shop vacuum, you can duplicate the layer upon layer look with your contemporary classics. Install a new, i.e. sharp, 10 TPI x 0.022” kerf blade (not included) on your saw and use it for nothing but cork slicing. You’ll get three cleanly cut 1/8” wide rings out of each 1/2” ring you start with; this is the best way to use up low-grade corks because the lacunae (pits) aren’t as noticeable when they’re only 1/8” long. Instructions included. Please note, we manufacture the cork slicing jigs from hardwood, but the species can vary…recently they’ve been walnut, but often they are maple.

Worth noting: This is a ‘nothing fancy’ tool that arrives as something of a kit. Since every bandsaw is different, we supply a loose strip of matching wood to fit into the track on your saw’s table. You may need to trim this strip down a bit to get a nice fit. Once the strip fits your bandsaw table’s track, you’ll need to tack (or screw) the strip in place on the bottom of the cork slicing jig. Also, the jig is bored out to accept a shop-vac nozzle. You can use the vacuum pressure generated by the shop-vac to hold the rings in place during slicing, however this is not absolutely necessary. Please be aware that vacu-clamping corks in place acts like a constant ‘clog’ on the machine and is not necessarily good for your vac, so use a cheap one – definitely NOT your nice household vacuum.


Made in the USA