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Note: the last photo is an example of deep blue & clear coating on Payne Replicas.


SALE: Our 13/64 Whole Sets are on sale now through 11/23/21.


Our nickel silver ferrules are machined from solid 12% nickel silver bar stock. These ferrules feature simple, traditional good looks in the ever popular Swiss-style. The females have a simple welt and the males have a single, decorative groove machined in the center of the shoulder. Our ferrules have won popular approval because they combine exceptional affordability with the highest quality machining. Due to the high volume of production and innovative machining techniques, we can offer these ferrules at prices far less than tube-stock ferrules.  What’s better than a beautiful, superbly-functional product that costs less?  Only ice cream.  And maybe not even that.

Ferrule sets can be blued.  When we blue, we mask the tabs and they will remain bright; this is the traditional approach, and it allows you to feather the tabs before mounting the ferrules.

Whole sets: two males, one female.
Half sets: one male, one female.

Made in the USA

Whole or Half Set?  Here’s the quick explanation:

If you have a two piece blank with only one tip, you need a half set.  The female ferrule mounts on the butt section; the male on the tip section.  If you have a two piece blank with two tips, that’s when you need a whole set so you have the female for the butt, and one male for each of the tips.  Bamboo rods are most often made with a spare tip, so somehow a “whole” set wound up designating the complete set needed for the more common two piece, two tip rod.  The half set then winds up being what you need for a one tip rod…or any other place you need just a single female and a single male, e.g., at the lower joint on a three piece rod where you need a half set between the butt and the mid sections.

Another way of thinking of this…

If you have a 2/1 rod (two rod sections, one tip) you need a half set.

If you have a 2/2 rod (two rod sections, two tips) you need a whole set.

If you have a 3/1 rod (three rod sections, one tip), you need two half sets…one half set each for the butt/mid joint and for the mid/tip joint.

If you have a 3/2 rod (three rod sections, two tips), then you need a half set for the butt/mid joint and a whole set for the mid/tip joint.

This pattern extends for 4/1 rods, 4/2 rods, and so on.

If you haven’t found our Ferrule Advice ramble yet, you might want to scoot over there and read through everything, especially if you’re new to ferrules and ferruling.


U-40 Rod Bond

Ferr-L-Tite Cement

Ferrule Lapping Files

3M® Micro-Polishing Papers

Nickel Silver Pinning Wire

Brownells Oxpho Blue



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Inside Diameter

10/64", 11/64", 12/64", 13/64", 14/64", 15/64", 16/64"

Product Details

Made in USA


1 Female only, 1 Male only, Half (one male, one female), Whole (two males, one female)

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