The ACW Nickel Silver Ferrule Plugs – FINAL INVENTORY




A top-notch topknot for your ferrule!  The plug is easily lapped to size.  It serves to protect the female ferrule from intruding grit, which can wreck your ferrule’s fit. Fits Super-Z Style Ferrules.

Product Description

FINAL INVENTORY!  Stock up to top up your female ferrules with elegant protection!

A top-notch topknot for your ferrule!  The plug is easily lapped to size.  It serves to protect the female ferrule from intruding grit, which can wreck your ferrule’s fit.

Note:  the nominal size of a given ferrule plug matches up with the corresponding nominal size Super-Z style ferrules, i.e., a #12 ferrule plug fits #12/64 ACW Nickel Silver Ferrules, Super Swiss Ferrules, or Truncated Super Swiss Ferrules.

The three grooves in this ferrule plug make it great for applying fancy finishes.  Whether you do it, or we do it, the Blue Line format is always stylish.  We can also use 24K Yellow Gold in a deposition finish within the grooves, then blue the plug’s finial cap so that the gold really pops!  Both of these formats are clear coated.  You’ll still need to lap the slide to size, so be careful not to scuff the finish.


Made in the USA

We’ve been very politely accused of using an ‘arcane’ system to number our ferrule plugs.  Perhaps.  One day, many years ago, we had to decide between two alternatives.  We could give our plugs nominal sizes which match the ACTUAL outside diameter of the ferrule plug slide, or we could give them nominal sizes which paired up with the nominal sizes of the ferrules they are intended to go with.  We opted for the latter because 90% of the ferrules we sell are based on the Super-Z pattern (ACW Ferrules, Standard Super Swiss Ferrules, Truncated Super Swiss Ferrules)….yes, we do sell step downs, restoration step downs, and reproductions of various sorts, but all these combined are less than 10% of sales.  If you’re working with Super-Z type ferrules, our nominal sizes make a certain kind of sense.  You order a #12/64 ferrule, and you then slide over to this page and get yourself a #12/64 ferrule plug.  If you’re ordering for any sort of stepped ferrule, please email and we’ll figure out the proper size plug to order.

If you’re craving this info approached in a slightly different way, here’s an excerpt from a recent email:

Regarding the ferrule plug, your question may prompt Matt & I to offer more clarity on the ferrule plug page.  The ferrule plugs should be very close to fitting ferrules of the appropriate size.  Those plugs are set up, and sold, to fit super-Z (straight) style ferrules of a given NOMINAL size….i.e., a ‘sized to fit’ 12/64 ferrule plug fits a size 12/64 ferrule.  In other words, the plug you’re buying doesn’t have a slide OD of the nominal size, it has a slide OD that matches the male ferrule slide OD of that nominal size ferrule. The OD of the male slide on a size 12/64 ferrule is, give or take a gnat’s butt, 0.220″ and our #12 ferrule plug has a comparable OD.  We’re not trying to be sneaky, but I know we’ve confounded a few folks. 

If you’re measuring a ferrule with a male slide OD of 0.187″, then that ferrule was probably sold as a nominal 10/64 ferrule, if it was a straight ferrule, e.g., Super Swiss, Truncated Super Swiss, or our GW/Arcane Nickel Silver Ferrules.  In other words, you bought a #10/64 ferrule with a wood/metal fit, where the ferrules mount onto the ferrule stations of the rod, of about 10/64, but that means the OD of the male ferrule slides, and the corresponding ID of the female where it accepts the male ferrule slide, is roughly 0.187″.  Hence, if you buy our ferrule plug sold as ‘sized to fit’ a 10/64 ferrule, it will arrive with a slide OD of about 0.187″.  I hope this makes sense and I apologize for any confusion.

To further alleviate confusion, here’s a small chart that shows the nominal size and the actual O.D. of the respective ferrule plug slide.


Nominal Size:      Actual Spec (OD of Slide):


#10           ~0.187”

#11           ~0.203”

#12           ~0.220”

#13           ~0.235”

#14           ~0.250”

#15           ~0.266”

#16           ~0.281”


Oh, look at that. Easter Eggs. Since you were kind enough to read to the bottom of this page, here’s an Easter Egg for you. If you place an order for more than four whole sets, or five half sets, of ferrules – and the order must be exclusive of time consuming custom items or upgrades like bluing services – please request “Easter Egg #3” in the comments section on your order form. Imagine you buy a handful of ferule sets and rod wrapping silks, which are quick for me to pick and pack – and now, as a thank you, you can claim an Easter Egg.  Easter Egg #3 is a free ACW Nickel Silver Ferrule Plug (our choice of size, but we’ll do our best to make it tie into your order; sorry no size requests as we are balancing inventory with this give-away).  Limit of one Easter Egg request per order unless I change the rules later, and your order must meet the minimum requirements for the Easter Egg you are requesting. And, to be brutally clear: YOU must request a specific Easter Egg in the comments on your order form, or no one here, which is mostly me, will know you discovered the good egg. As this final year moves on, I’ll add other Easter Eggs around the GW website. Maybe I’ll go add another one right now, tucking it where you least expect it, yet can best use it. Good time to start your hunt!

Easter Egg #1 ends when the associated oddball products are gone. There are about a hundred of them.  Easter Egg #2 is not high value, just nice, so you may add Easter Egg #2 to any other Easter Egg your order may qualify for – if it also qualifies for Easter Egg #2.  There must be an exception to every rule.  If I run out of Easter Egg #3, which I doubt is possible, I’ll tuck in something comparable with qualifying orders.  My choice on this sort of thing.   You may request Easter Eggs #1, #2, & #3 IF AND ONLY IF your order has no custom items, qualifies for each of those eggs individually, and crests $400.00 in merchandise.  Don’t forget, domestic shipping on small parts orders is FREE on orders over $500 in merchandise, so that’s like finding another Easter Egg.  Please don’t be fussy about free stuff if I run out entirely or have to make substitutions.  Thanks!



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