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Production On Pause

ACW’s artfully innovative take on the long-popular inverted “U” tender.

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Hi Folks, we are no longer producing this line – for the time being. Once the shop is moved and set up again, I expect to resume production on these and many other of our Golden Witch and Arcane Component Works parts. After an item is listed as ‘Production On Pause,’ please don’t request that we make an exception for you; the tools to make each paused item are already boxed up and ready to move in a shipping container. Thanks for your understanding and patience as we shift from a full-time operation to a semi-retired part-time operation. I expect our sabbatical will last the entirety of 2023, with operations firing up again in early 2024. – Russ


Inchworm™ Hook Tenders are the perfect place to hang your fly when you aren’t fishing. ACW’s artfully innovative new take on the long-popular inverted “U” tender is crafted from 18% nickel silver and curves in a way that only nature could inspire. Handcrafted in the U.S.A.

The pricing on these reflects the current value of shop labor.  When you purchase these parts, you’re actively supporting American craftsmen & women.  Yes, my daughter, Alex, has joined Drake & I in the shop and is starting her apprenticeship by doing the preliminary work (wire bending & smashhammering) on the hook tenders.

We continue to refine the products.  Here are two Inchworms made in November of 2020…check out those ready-to-wrap feet!

Also, read everything you ever wanted to read about hook tenders on our Ramblings post, here!

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