The ACW British Hook Tenders


These are ACW’s response to dwindling supplies of vintage British hook tenders.


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Crafted from round Nickel Silver or Brass wire, each tender loop is hand formed and bent to a proper angle, then the double-foot is trimmed to length and flattened in a device we affectionately call “the smashhammer” (like the shop parrot, Bandit, the smashhammer is a critter most everyone keeps their fingers away from lest they get bitten).  Unlike the original Vintage British Tenders, the feet on these tenders are not grooved, which makes wrapping with fine silks so much easier. These new British Tenders stand true and are ready to wrap with most thread diameters; for the very finest silks, you’ll want to hand buff the gently tapered toe end of the foot with fine polishing paper. These tenders offer a wonderful balance between traditional good looks and high function, while being affordable due to the light production, hand-operated machinery used to produce them.

The pricing on these reflects the current value of shop labor.  When you purchase these parts, you’re actively supporting American craftsmen & women.  Yes, my daughter, Alex, has joined Drake & I in the shop and is starting her apprenticeship by doing the preliminary work (wire bending & smashhammering) on the hook tenders.

Recommended usage:

  • Small (2-5 wt.)
  • Medium (4-7 wt.)
  • Large (6-10 wt.)
  • X-Large (8-12 wt.)

(Suggested size ranges overlap because we recognize that some rodmakers prefer slightly smaller or slightly larger components on rods of a given weight.)

Also, read everything you ever wanted to read about hook tenders on our Ramblings post, here!

Made in the USA

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Made in USA


Small, Medium, Large, XL


Nickel silver


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