The Abbott Cork Clamp


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Product Description

Designed by Tim Abbott, the same gent who created the Ergonomic Planing Form Contraption and the Synthetic Binding Boards (among other projects), this cork clamp is elegant, functional, & simple. For those rodmakers who build their grips off the blank like we do, the Abbott Cork Clamp is so much easier to use than a traditional cork clamp and so much nicer to use than washers, wing nuts and threaded rod. The wood base supports the grip as you build it up, ring by ring. The large handle allows you to comfortably put pressure on the rings to squeeze out excess adhesive. To preserve the threads, we suggest applying a light coat of petroleum jelly prior to use.

*Cork Rings & Travertine Tiles Not Included

The new Abbott Clamps made by our woodwright are on par, qualitywise, with our Premier wooden Roughing and Intermediate Forms.  Nice tools, priced accordingly.


Made in the USA

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