Standard Production Hydro-Welded Guides

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Product Description

Standard Production Guides Featuring Hydro-Welded™ Frames

Here Is A Hyrdro-Welded Heavy Duty “Guide” Weight Frame – Blued – Featuring A 12mm Light Moss Agate Ring.


Hydro-Welded™ Frames are infiltrating our standard range of guides, starting with our Fresh Cut Agatine Guides, Oyster Special Guides, Vintage High Frame Guides, and Vintage Medium Frame Guides.  Now our Standard Stripping Guides feature these new, second generation frames.  Before long, all our guides will feature these superior frames.

This page is a catch-all leading to many (perhaps all) of the pages which feature guides now made with our new frames.  Enjoy the hunt!


Standard Stone Stripping Guides

Wire Bezel Stripping Guide – Narrow Stone

Vintage Cradle Frame Stripping Guides

The Fresh Cut Agatine Standard Stripping Guides

Oyster Special™ Stripping Guides

Vintage High Frame Stripping Guides

Vintage Medium Frame Stripping Guides



Our Standard Stone Stripping Guides don’t quite fit on this page.  They’re not ALL made with Hydro-Welded™ Frames yet, but we’re getting there.  For now, you can up-grade to these second generation frames using our radio button options when ordering.

Hexagate™ Stripping Guides

Wire Bezel Stripping Guide – Wide Stone


If you want to know more about our new, second generation, Hydro-Welded™ Frames, then check out these two pages:

Hydro-Welded Guide Frames – Production Notes

Hydro-Welded Guides