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Here’s a durable, environmentally responsible mixing cup.

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These are the best “green” alternative disposable plastic mixing cups.


Here’s a durable, environmentally responsible mixing cup.  You can re-use it for the rest of your rodmaking career, so long as you take the time to clean it out after each use.  Each stainless steel epoxy mixing cup holds a generous 2.5 ounces, making it a bit more accommodating than the disposable cups.  They stand about 1.720” tall and have an opening of about 2.310”.  They do have a light coating of manufacturing residue on them, so take the time to thoroughly clean them before first use.  Afterwards, we suggest a mix of isopropyl alcohol and dish soap, fifty/fifty is fine, to clean out any remaining epoxy.  After it’s perfectly clean, rinse and dry.  We sell them as singles, or in three packs.  Who knows, you might want one for mixing up batches of Earth Pigments with your cork adhesive, one for paste epoxy, and one for finishes.  Please note: these mixing cups are not graduated, so you’ll need to measure your epoxy with syringes (for the liquids) or measuring spoons (for the pastes).

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