Silk Thread Mini-Cones by Kimono – FINAL INVENTORY



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FINAL INVENTORY!  On Sale!!  We have five or fewer cones remaining in the available colors as of 10/22/22. 

Vibrant #100 Rod Whipping Silks in Mini-Cones of  1090 yards – great for furling silk fly lines!

Russ…the Kimono thread looks awesome…! Very nice hue and sheen. – Mike C. (USA)

These threads are vibrant, quite fine, and available in a range of colors that seems to have been created for rodmakers.  I’m extremely pleased to be able to offer Kimono silks because I’m confident they will be well received and, in fact, may become our top selling line.  The big spools are ideal for production rod work, but also if you’re the sort of DIY angler who likes to create furled leaders and furled lines!  We have these Mini-Cones available in 8 colors:

#301 Ichiban
#318 Geisha
#353 Wasabi
#355 Mossy Oak
#370 Teriyaki
#373 White Rice
#375 Zen Zen
#380 Black Belt – SOLD OUT

Russ, Just wanted to drop you a line about the Kimono silk thread I got from you. On the first line I made I used YLI, worked out ok. When I started making the second line with the Kimono thread, I noticed that the thread’s diameter was more uniform and did not have any knots where the thread was joined when it was spooled. It took two tries, but with the Kimono thread, I was able to reduce the length of the line 15% which resulted in a tighter furl….The Kimono thread is “the bomb” for furled silk lines!…(second email)…By all means, quote me regarding the quality of the Kimono thread. While most folks probably would not notice the uniform diameter, when you run 2400 feet through your fingers making a line…you notice! – Daniel K. (USA)


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Kimono Color #

301, 318, 353, 355, 370, 373, 375, 380