Select Cut A+ Tonkin Bamboo – Short Culms – 10 Pack


Grown In China.
Imported by Peak Bamboo.

10x Select Cut 6′ A+ Tonkin Short Culms

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Product Description

What a re-discovery!  When our second load was shipped to the US, our team in China offered to tuck 500 select cut, six-foot, A+ Tonkin Bamboo culms into the shipping container to fill a void.  We grabbed them and we’ve aged them in our climate controlled warehouse.   These 50 short bales were hidden behind stacks of full-length culms.  We knew they were there, but we were patient and had plenty of other bamboo to sell.  Now that we’ve sold all the A+ culms from our first batch, we’re unveiling the best of our culms from the second batch, to include these shorties.   These culms are aged and ready for your shop, and for your finest work.   Let us emphasize: THESE CULMS ARE SHORT CULMS, and each six foot piece is selectively cut from a separate 12′ culm.

Select Cut.  Prime.  Double Plus Good.  What does Select Cut mean for you?  It means that when our second batch was harvested, there were culms, as there always are, that were mostly gorgeous, but with wonky ends – usually a pronounced kink, but sometimes a swarm of bug holes, a rash of watermarks.  These culms weren’t A+ taken at full length.  But neither were they A or A-…they were top shelf, with limited, unfortunate, spans.  We had to remove the unfortunate portions to salvage the glorious bits.  From each of these twelve foot culms, one six foot section was cut – wherever that six feet yielded the finest possible section.  Our team selected, and our team made two extra cuts, fore and aft of that best portion.  You get this best portion.

These culms are short, but they’re as close to perfect as you’re ever likely to work with when dealing with a natural material like bamboo; the fact that they are not perfect in a synthetic sense, only serves to emphasize that they are natural and that they are fine indeed for a wild-grown forest product.  No, you can’t build long, single-culm 2/2 rods with them.  You can, however, make shorter single-culm rods, potentially even 2/2 rods if you split some of the larger sticks with extreme care.  You can certainly craft stunning one-piece flyrods up to about 5’6″ long (with a 3/3 node stagger) – and you should be able to get at least two, maybe three, one-piece rods from a single culm.  What about one and two piece spinning and baitcasting rods?  Absolutely.  Trolling rods?  Sure.  Premium golf club shafts?  It’s been done.  And ski poles? Yes, those, too.  Bike makers, these 10-packs call out for your frame-building skills.  Imagine using one pack of this stunning bamboo to build a bike frame, a pair of ski poles, a couple putter shafts, a longbow with a half-dozen arrows, and then a few fishing rods to round out the collection of bamboo-based sporting goods.  If you do this, we would love to see pictures!

Regarding those fishing rods…  You can make longer two-tip rods, but you’ll need to mix strips from two of these shorties.  If you go this route, you might want to get funky with culm color to creatively emphasize that you are using strips from two culms.  Yes, these are nearly all pitch-perfect, or picture perfect, monochromatic blonde culms, but nevermind that.  Darken one culm, keep one as blonde as your heat treating system will allow.  Alternate  the strips, three of dark & three of light, to make a visually stand-out rod!  Or get really wild and mix six culms, arrayed in evenly sequenced order from light blonde to something safely short of crispy dark.  A demo rod like this could be used as a sales tool to show your potential clients the six blank colors you can hit when creating their next custom rod.  If you make nodeless rods, slice these shorties up and start scarfing.


Single 12′ Culms of A+ Grade Peak Bamboo retail for $129.95 + S/H/I; that puts these few ideal six-footers at $64.97 each but we’ll offer a modest discount and sell these in 10-Packs for $599.95.  They are worth every penny.  Expect shipping, which will be billed separately, to be $120-$145, perhaps a smidgen higher if you are really distant from our warehouse.  These culms will not go on sale.  Grab a pack while we still have them.  Fifty packs.  Forty Nine.  Forty Eight.  Forty Seven.  You get the picture?  Perfect.


Grown In China. Imported by Peak Bamboo.
This is our premium-grade, A+ bamboo, sold by the short culm. (The pictures don’t do our bamboo justice, but read the testimonials to fully understand what you’re ordering)

Read everything you need to know about Peak Bamboo at, then return here to order. You’ll learn things like:

  • What is the bamboo graded on?
  • Who’s doing the grading?
  • Why you should buy Peak Bamboo, as opposed to other brands
  • How much do we keep on hand? and how much should you keep on hand?

Important Details:

  • Shipping of all bamboo is on a custom, per-order basis and will be billed separately, after we cut, package, and weigh it. This currently takes 10 business days due to our backlog. PLEASE BE PATIENT.

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RE Drying Splits:

Culms WITHOUT A Drying Split may travel better, but may also develop entirely random check splits due to temperature and humidity variations; Culms WITH A Drying Split will have, obviously, the drying split and they will also have a hinge split opposite the drying split…these culms are more compressible and may develop additional “handling” splits especially at the ends of culms, but they are less likely to develop random splits. It really is six of one, half a dozen of the other.  Pick your poison.  Or travel to pick them up yourself, which is the best way to secure the sticks and to protect your investment.  We offer Warehouse Saturdays approximately once per month by appointment.

Length of Short Culms:

  • 6′ culms (most are 71.5″ – 72″ actual length)


ROUGH U.S. Shipping Estimates:  These are just ballpark estimates and you’ll note that the shipping drops dramatically as you move from one to six culms.  A single culm is running $75-$90 to most Continental US locations, but it’s the box length and ‘dimensional weight’ that drive up the initial shipping cost.  Two culms would be in the range of $85 -$105.00.  By six culms you’re looking at $120-$145.  At ten culms figure $19.00-$27/culm depending on location; at 24 culms you’re looking at $18.00 – $22.00/culm  to most locations in the Continental US.  Individual culm weight does come into play, and the average A+ stick weighs more than the average A- stick, so ten of one grade vs. ten of another grade would have modestly different shipping costs to the same location.  If we run a sale that offers you the chance to request an extra culm or two, expect that the free culm(s) will still add to your shipping expense.