Roughing & Intermediate Forms – FINAL INVENTORY




Indispensable Roughing & Intermediate Forms – Now Exclusively In Our Premier Grade.

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Russ, received the forms today. Thanks, already used the rough form. They are nice, much better than my old forms I made years ago.  – Brian H. (USA)


FINAL INVENTORY!  And they’re on sale!

8/21/22: Only four Form Pairs remain available.  These tools are limited to stock on hand.  Our woodworker, discerning our intent to slow way down, opted to retire himself completely and go fishing.  Woohoo!  No more wood tools after these are gone.

Single Intermediate Forms Are Sold Out; Intermediates are only available in the Form Pair sets.

One Roughing Form is still available as a single; all other Roughing Forms  will only be available in Form Pair Sets.





The Golden Witch Premier Roughing & Intermediate Forms. The premier edition of these classic tools is crafted for us by GW’s new woodwright, the man who first brought us the Improved Whitehead Ferrule Puller/Adjusters; these premier tools are crafted in the shadow of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains by a man who is foremost a fly fisherman, but is also the father of a talented bamboo rodmaker.

The premier tools are something else again compared to the tools we used to offer. Like the finer ferrule pullers, these have a bit of extra thought and effort forged into their creation. The biggest problem with any tool crafted from a long mono-block of wood is that that piece of wood is subject to humidity changes traveling from our shop to yours, and to those same changes year in and out in your shop as the season shift. Humidity changes can sometimes wrack a long tool, imbuing it with twist that wasn’t present on the day it was milled. How to fix this? Laminates. For the premier tools, the woodwright bonded two layers of premium Baltic birch plywood to form an essentially immobile core. To this core, he fixed grooved slabs of kiln dried oak. In a particularly obsessive move, when he slabs the oak, he flips one piece end for end before laminating the two slabs to the birch core, further balancing any minor tendency toward wracking. When each form is complete, he applies a thin, durable finish to help exclude moisture. These are tools you can pass down to your children.

Roughing Forms
These 2′ long forms feature an untapered groove of approximately 87° milled into two surfaces. There’s a deeper groove for mids and butts, and a shallow groove for tips. This tool makes rough planing a snap!

Intermediate Forms
These tools feature a 4′ long block with two untapered 60° grooves. Use this tool as a transition between the Roughing Form and a an adjustable planing form. Thanks to Wayne Cattanach for originally suggesting this tool to us.

Sold individually or in grade-matched pairs at a discount.

SHIPPING NOTE:  These forms DO NOT fit into a Medium Flat Rate US Postal Service Box and they DO NOT qualify for free domestic shipping;  That said, if you order these and your order crests $500 with a domestic delivery address, we will credit the cost of shipping a Medium Flat Rate Box against the total shipping charges and we’ll bill you only for the overage.  Thanks for understanding.


Made in the USA

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