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Hi Folks, we are no longer producing this line – for the time being. Once the shop is moved and set up again, I expect to resume production on these and many other of our Golden Witch and Arcane Component Works parts. After an item is listed as ‘Production On Pause,’ please don’t request that we make an exception for you; the tools to make each paused item are already boxed up and ready to move in a shipping container. Thanks for your understanding and patience as we shift from a full-time operation to a semi-retired part-time operation. I expect our sabbatical will last the entirety of 2023, with operations firing up again in early 2024. – Russ


This isn’t a rope knurled hook tender. It is actually sterling silver wire that has been twisted like a rope, so the pattern spins around the entire loop.  Each ring is welded into a contiguous loop and comes with a short strap of unformed nickel silver, just like our standard nickel silver Ring & Saddle hook tenders.  Please note that the main product image shows this tender up-graded with a Blued Nickel Silver Improved Saddle.

This image shows a pile of silver rope twisted rings and one piece of the short strap material that comes standard with the ring:

Roped Ring and Saddle Hook Tender

Roped Ring and Saddle Hook Tender – You Get One Ring & One Flat Strap For The Saddle.


If you want to get fancy, saddle up with our Improved Saddle.  We’ve been making these for several years as the saddle portion of our Blue & Gold Ring & Saddle Tenders.  Now they’re available, bright or blued, as an optional up-grade with these rope twisted silver rings.   Each Improved Saddle is formed from half-round nickel silver wire and they really are quite a nice step up from the flat strap saddle material.


This picture demonstrates how perfectly polished the Improved Saddles are, giving you a sense for how easy it is to wrap finely made hook tenders with your most delicate silks.

One size fits all, about 3.5 mm I.D. on the rope twisted ring.

The Improved Saddle – Bright Nickel Silver With Rope Twisted Precious Silver Ring.


The Improved Saddle – Blued Nickel Silver With Rope Twisted Precious Silver Ring.


Made in the USA

Be sure to check out the Traditional Ring & Saddle Hook Tender page for some good info and pics on creating a proper saddle from the supplied piece of Nickel Silver strap material.

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