Retro Trigger Reel Seat Hardware Sets



Retro Nickel Silver Hardware!

Product Description

20th Anniversary Sale.

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This page offers three sets of hardware, sold individually, sold as-is.

These are retro (not truly vintage, though they’re pretty old) ‘Trigger’ reel seat hardware sets, crafted to make retro-look casting rods, or as replacements if you’re restoring an old casting rod.  The hardware is nickel silver and each set contains one slide band with an attached trigger, one pocketed hood intended to be buried under cork in the grip, and one very slim decorative trim band.

These are NOS and they do have light oxidization.  If I were using them, I’d probably reshape the triggers just a bit to make them less blunt looking.

These do NOT come with a wood or cork insert, so you’ll have to make your own.  The OD on the hidden hood is about 0.695″; the OD on the trigger slide band is about 0.765″ so it matches up with the pocket on the hidden hood pretty well.  The trigger slide band is NOT pocketed.

Match one of these hardware sets up with a 5-pack of L&C Strippers (aka Baitcasting Guides) and a pack of the L&C large bore cork rings and you’re well on the way to crafting a vintage-look baitcaster.  You could even add one of the 13mm Low Frame Agate Strippers we just listed in our 20th Anniversary Sale – use it as the bottom-most guide in your series.  We have SCADS of vintage tiptops, so just ask once you know your tip size and I suspect we’ll have something you can use that will match up with the period look you’re creating.