Restoration Ferrules



Optional Bluing

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Product Description

Note: the last photo is an example of deep blue & clear coating on Payne Replicas.

These are Restoration Step Down Ferrules (Skirted Female & Skirted Male) for Montague, H-I, South Bend, etc. that have a 2/64 diameter difference between matching female & male joints.

Please note that since these are “close-but-not-quite” for many ferrule designs made over several decades, you will have to modify the ferrule stations on your cane rods to accommodate minor differences between the originals and these superb quality replacements.

As these ferrules have become more popular, we try to stock all sizes, with multiple sets in the more popular middle range of sizes.  This said, we may still be out of stock on a given day.  Plan ahead, order ahead, especially if you need multiple sets of the same size, or you’re the one fellow this year who plans on ordering ferrules up in the 25/64 or 26/64 end of the scale.

Made in the USA


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Half (one male, one female), Whole (two males, one female)


8/64, 9/64, 10/64, 11/64, 12/64, 13/64, 14/64, 15/64, 16/64, 17/64, 18/64, 19/64, 20/64, 21/64, 22/64, 23/64, 24/64, 25/64, 26/64