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First Chance, But Final Inventory…

OK, this is another page from which you CANNOT order directly.  Shoot me an email when the shop is open (check the front page for catch up closures and family vacations) and we can discuss the options.  Invoices will be sent via PayPal.

If you need bulk something else that isn’t currently offered as a specific deal, please inquire.  Need a hundred assorted GW/Arcane Hexagonal Winding Checks and you don’t mind polishing their as-milled rough edges?  We can hook you up!

4.) RAW/BULK Turning Stock

Let us mix your box up from our available inventory and we’ll treat you right with an interesting assortment of known (and a few unknown) turning stock options ranging from Butternut to Spanish Cedar, Curly Oak to Black Walnut, Figured Cherry to Curly or Bird’s Eye Maple.    Some stuff is highly figured, some isn’t.  Luck of the draw, but please know that when I had a choice between plain black walnut and figured or curly black walnut, I always bought the latter…yet not every piece from the nice boards is figured.  Imagine that.  If we know what the stuff is, the bag will have a label.  If we don’t, it’ll still be useful stuff – and it might be beautiful and useful.

These pieces are all cut as we ship them to our turner, i.e., they’re sufficiently large to make an insert that fits the GW/Arcane slide band reel seat hardware (or any hardware sets that are comparable, or smaller).

500 Assorted Pieces for $999.95, plus domestic UPS GROUND  shipping & insurance.  No free shipping on this offer because 500+ chunks of wood gets heavy.  We will parcel out each species out based on our inventory….more of some, less of others, but you’ll get 500 or more pieces.  At this price, we’re below cost on the wood we purchased and the labor we invested to have Merv slice and dice all this stuff up on the bandsaw.  If you order ‘late’ and we don’t have 500 pieces left, we’ll pro-rate the purchase price on the final box.

Only want half as many pieces of turning stock?  Get 250 assorted pieces – our choice, but evenly spread across the available inventory – for $599.95 plus domestic UPS GROUND shippging & Insurance.  As above, this is heavy stuff, so shipping isn’t free.

Mystery Stuff.  While it lasts, we’ll sweeten this deal by adding some extra stock that we cannot sell – it will be clearly marked as “FREE.”  I’ll let you think about that.  Unlabelled, beautiful pieces of turning stock that cannot be sold, not by us, not by you.  Ideal for personal rods, gifts, and donations.

If you’re local, email to discuss my board stock.  We have some gorgeous planks that never got cut into turning stock.


3.) RAW/BULK GW/Arcane Ferrule Plugs

Most Sizes Available

Buy TWELVE (12) GW/Arcane ferrule plugs, mix & match available sizes, for $144.95 (shipping at normal GW rates, or add to an item that ships free domestically for free domestic shipping & insurance).

Buy TWENTY-FOUR (24) GW/Arcane ferrule plugs, mix and match available sizes, for $274.95 (shipping at normal GW rates, or add to an item that ships free domestically for free domestic shipping & insurance).


2.) RAW/BULK GW/Arcane WHOLE Sets of Ferrules (One Female, Two Males)

Most Sizes Available

Buy TWELVE (12) whole sets of ferrules for $599.95, domestic shipping & insurance included.

You may pick from available sizes of ONLY our GW/Arcane bar stock nickel silver ferrules.  Grab a mixed bag, or all of one size.  Whole sets only – even if you use primarily half sets, you’ll appreciate having a few spare males in your kit; everyone buggers up the lapping process once in a while.  Bulk ferrules are packed bulk style – all males and females of a given size in one bag, no hangtags.

Buy TWENTY-FOUR (24) whole sets of ferrules for $1049.95, domestic shipping & insurance included.

If you buy 24 ferrule sets, we’ll sweeten the deal AT YOUR REQUEST (only if you ask) by adding some of our ferrule plugs to your bag (quantity and size both at our discretion based on remaining inventory; if you order, say, all size 12/64 ferrules and we’re out of #12 ferrule plugs, then we’ll toss in a spare set of 12/64 ferrules – we always play nice with our vastly appreciated clients!)


1.)  RAW/BULK GW/Arcane Reel Seat Hardware Sets

Most Styles Available – Not Payne-Inspired

Buy TEN (10) sets of raw (as-turned, unpolished) reel seat hardware for $587.95, domestic shipping & insurance included.

Each set contains one butt cap, one slide band, and one cork check.  You may mix/match from available raw sets (no raw Payne-Inspired sets as I type this), e.g., three each Leonard Wide, Unusually Traditional, & Swoop, plus one SAKI just to try it.  Heck, if you love the SWOOP seats, buy ten of them. Inventory varies so we need to discuss what’s available.  Bulk pack seats do not come with hangtags or paperwork – remember that YOU must orient the slide band properly when assembling our seats so that the catching taper is properly installed.  It’s a very slight difference but one side of each slide band has a slightly larger ID than the other side; orient the LARGER ID to face the butt cap, which has a corresponding taper milled into it.  Think about this….if the larger ID of both the slide band and the butt cap face each other, then they’ll both ‘ramp’ up onto the tapered ends of your reel foot, helping to lock your reel into place far better than any ‘straight’ (untapered) slide band & butt cap combination could do.

Or, buy TWENTY (20) sets of raw (as-turned, unpolished) reel seat hardware for $1075.95, domestic shipping & insurance included.

We’ll sweeten these two offers AT YOUR REQUEST  (only if you ask) by adding our choice of ten or twenty pieces of reel seat turning stock from our piles.  No wood preferences, this is entirely our choice as we balance inventory during the reduction.



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