Pumice Stone


Product Description

Use this Pumice Stone for slightly rougher work than you’d use Rotten Stone for.  One appropriate use would be between coats of finish on reel seat inserts.  Mix with any non-polymerized oil to create a rubbing paste.  Camellia Oil or Walnut oil are great for this purpose.  It’s messy, but quite effective! Remove all the polishing paste before applying your next coat of varnish, or you’ll immortalize tiny flecks of pumice within your finish coats.

Rotten Stone, the finer abrasive powder, is the polish used on every rod that goes through our shop. Mixed into a paste with any non-polymerized oil, Rotten Stone will mellow the high gloss of poly varnishes, remove tiny blems, & blend areas where you had to remove larger blems with fine polishing paper. One box provides nearly a lifetime supply for most rodmakers.