Prototype 19/64 Winding Checks – 3 Pack



Prototype Checks; ~0.310″ ID.

Product Description

20th Anniversary Sale.

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3 Winding Checks Per Bag; Approximate 3 Dozen Bags.

These are VERY early prototype winding checks of the style that eventually became our Arcane branded Plain Winding Checks.  These have a very discreet step at the tip end of the check which gave them a little extra pizzazz…but the design didn’t pass muster for various reasons (among other things the micro-sized step was too subtle for most folks to notice).  It looks like all the checks in this group are identical in size, though we only measured the one sample.  It’s 0.310″ ID, which makes it about 19.85/64….and that’s a smidgen too small to call it a 20/64.  It will fit nice only a blank that is 19/64….it might even allow you to tuck a layer of fine black thread under the check to pad the blank….that’s a great trick any time you have a hair of slop between your check and your blank.

OD: ~0.420″.  ID: ~0.310″.  Height: ~0.098″.

Our regularly offered Plain Winding Checks are over $9.00 each.  We’re starting these three-up packs at less than ten bucks for the group.