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FINAL INVENTORY!  We’re selling down and out of the less popular pie-splitter formats and after this year we don’t plan to re-stock the 4-Pie & 6-Pie formats.


Align one of the sharp cutting wedges on your pie splitter with the drying split in the culm, tap all the other cutting wedges into the culm with a sharp rap from a wooden mallet, then push the cutter down through the culm for multiple even sections.  It helps if you brace the bottom end of your culm again the junction of wall and the floor in your shop or garage; others use the angle formed by concrete steps leading from the garage into the house.  It really helps to have the culm somewhat immobilized before you strike the splitter to lodge it in the culm, and then to provide further resistance as you push the splitting down through the stick.  This simple, purposeful tool makes subsequent splitting easier than ever before. Heavy cast iron construction. Watch our Making Bamboo Blanks DVD to see the pie splitter in action. They’re great fun to use!  The three, four, and six section splitters are the most popular and useful sizes for your shop.  Six section pie splitters have been tough to source this year…if we have them in stock and you even think you’ll want one in the next year, grab it.

  • 3-PIE 3-Section
  • 4-PIE 4-Section
  • 6-PIE 6-Section – Back In Stock!  Get One While We Have Them…
  • 8-PIE 8-Section  SPECIAL ORDER ONLY.
  • 10-PIE 10-Section  SPECIAL ORDER ONLY.
  • 12-PIE 12-Section  SPECIAL ORDER ONLY.

If you need a pie splitter that’s special order only, please ask for current pricing (webstore pricing reflects the former in-stock price and prices have gone up and keep going up with the dreadful inflation which effects both material costs and import expenses).  Special order tools are non-refundable.  We will only place special orders with our supplier through November 1st, 2022.

Made in Japan


Once you’ve made the initial, evenly sectioned cut into your culms with a pie splitter, you’ll need a Japanese Froe to split out the individual strips.


Traditional Japanese Bamboo Froe with Oak handle

Traditional Japanese Bambo Froe with Iron handle

And some how-to info is always helpful:

Two Video Set – Making Bamboo Blanks & Finishing Bamboo Rods (DVD)

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