Oyster Special™ Stripping Guides – PRODUCTION ON PAUSE



Vintage Porcelain Rings – Modern Hydro-Welded™ Frames!

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Created for Oyster Fine Bamboo Fly Rods, these unique guides feature a vintage German porcelain ring bezelled in brass, then set in a modern frame – our second generation, Hydro-Welded™ frame.  As you can see from the photo Angus took, these porcelain rings are an “eggshell” white.  Add a distinctive touch of Oyster class to your next rod!

10mm Oyster Special Set In A Blued Hydro-Welded Frame; It Is Subtle, But If You Look Closely, You Can See The Silver Seam Running Down The Center Of The Guide Foot.

Note: October 2020 – We have switched over all Oyster Special™ Guides to our new Hydro-Welded™ Frames.  The current photos show our first generation frames and our new frames – the new frames are immediately recognizable by the crisper fold at the pointed top of each of the frame wings.

Ring Option:

  • They’re all white porcelain with brass bezels

Finish Options:

  • Bright (bright “white” nickel silver frame and bright “gold” brass bezel)
  • Blued & Clear Coated (This is great  – very high contrast between the ring and frame, and the frame/bezel complex is uniformly dark)
  • Bronzed & Clear Coat

Pre-WWII Rings & Bezels; Hydro-Welded™ Frames; Crafted In-House.


This Is Our Hydrogen Welding Torch Throwing A Sharp Green Flame At 5800 Degrees Fahrenheit.


Click here for a ramble on our new Hydro-Welded™ Guides.

Click here for a ramble on our new Hydro-Welded Frames™ – including construction notes.

Made in the USA

Vintage High Frame Stripping Guides – Production On Pause

Vintage Medium Frame Stripping Guides – PRODUCTION ON PAUSE

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9mm, 10mm, 14mm


White Porcelain

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Made in USA