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FINAL INVENTORY!   Once these burnishers sell out, they’re gone.

8/20/22: Very low on Small Wood Handled Burnishers…less than six (separately or in sets).


In the summer of 2000, we went looking for a good burnisher and found a company that produces an entire line of burnishers. A wiser catalog manager than myself would have brought you one or maybe two burnishers – eliminating confusion to increase sales. That would be good for us, but little fun for you. It is imperative that you enjoy yourself, so we brought you a welter of burnishers, including five from one source. Use the burnisher of your choice to eliminate small gaps in your guide wraps. A silky smooth burnisher is the only way to accomplish this task efficiently & successfully.

From “outside the industry,” we offer a small & large straight burnisher with wooden handles. There is also a matched pair of all-metal burnishers, one straight and one curved – different strokes for different folks. Finally, we offer a fancy, all-metal burnisher with a twisted shank (which does improve the grip). All the metal burnishers are highly polished. Be sure to degrease them before putting them to silk.

Pictured from left to right:

  • Small wood-handled burnisher
  • Large wood-handled burnisher
  • Twisted metal burnisher
  • Straight metal burnisher
  • Curved metal burnisher

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Small wood-handled, Large wood-handled, Straight metal, Curved metal, Twisted metal, Five pack