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Ideal for 0-5 weight rods.

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New as of 11/6/21:  Buy Bulk!  We now offer our MicroSnakes™ in 50 and 100 packs for higher volume makers, or anyone who wants to secure a lifetime supply while we’ve got them available.  Please understand, we do not offer oxide finishes in the large packs.


The pre-war European craftsmanship is evident in every MicroSnake™ specimen. Crafted from solid brass wire, these were originally intended as miniature, reverse-twist, British snake guides. Reinvent their utility by using them as your next hook tender, or… who knows?

In our comparison photo, you can see three Microsnakes.  The one on the left has been blued and clear coated. The center one is right out of the bin; it’s vintage, new-old-stock, with a hearty bronze patina; if you don’t choose to have your Microsnake blued, this is about what you’ll receive though the level of patina varies from snake to snake.  The one on the right has been hit with a Sunshine Cloth, making it brighter.  If you really want these things to shine like gold, you can carefully polish them and clear coat them yourself.  We only offer the blue & clear coat as an in-house service.

We measured a single sample in order to provide an estimate on size.  It was 0.610” long from foot tip to foot tip, and 0.184” tall from the base of the feet to the top of the loop, with a loop I.D. of approximately 0.115”.

Strike now, while supplies last.

Coin not included!

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Made in Germany