Michael Sinclair’s Famous Color Guard


Michael Sinclair's Famous Color Preserver!

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Product Description

Golden Witch is now Michael Sinclair’s Exclusive Distributor for Color Guard!

The only change we’ll make is creating some cool new labels starting with the first batch in 2017.  Otherwise it’s the same great color preserver.

Michael Sinclair’s Color Guard is wonderful stuff for bamboo rodmakers and restorationists. After hearing rave reviews about the product for years, we began nudging Michael to allow us to sell his secret sauce. We’re fortunate. Golden Witch is now an authorized re-seller. Yes, you can still buy Color Guard direct from Michael, but now you can also add it to your regular GW order, which is convenient if nothing else. For those who don’t know him, Michael is the rod restorationist and historian behind “The Cane Clinic” and has written a slew of books on bamboo rod history, as well as his ever-popular masterwork, the “Bamboo Rod Restoration Handbook.”

Quick note on the photos. Drake was put in charge of this project while I was trying to catch up on guide making. He went ‘mad scientist’ with some of the photos. To be clear, these ‘laboratory’ shots are simply Drake being creative, and I’m allowing him to post some of his pictures since he put hours into setting them up. However, we do not mix up the Color Guard – Michael retains the secret to his formula and he is the master saucier who whips this preserver up from scratch.

AFTER many years of frustration with color preservers that didn’t work or were inconsistent in efficacy, Michael Sinclair finally decided to consult a paint expert who helped him develop the formula for Color Guard. It just plain works. It’s a water based color preserver so it’s not flammable and doesn’t release harmful vapors. It dries dustfree in about ten minutes. And did we mention – it REALLY works?

Even the hard to preserve colors like yellow, gold, light green and jasper threads are easy to preserve. All of the rods in the “Before and After” page on Michael Sinclair’s website at www.caneclinic.com were treated with Color Guard. Go ahead and look closely – no bleed-through!

Color Guard comes in a 1.5 oz. glass hexagon shaped jar with a metal lug lid.
That’s enough to do at least a dozen rods – maybe more.

Please note: Color Guard is formulated for use on bamboo rods.  If used on synthetic blanks, especially dark blanks, the blank color will darken the perceived wrap color.

ONE MORE THING: FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS BELOW!!! The drying times are important. It takes time to let the Color Guard cure, but not as long as having to re-wrap a botched wrap.


Michael Sinclair’s DIRECTIONS FOR USE

Apply first coat to the thread using enough brush pressure to ensure thorough penetration. Place a little preserver at the inside of the guide feet where the little “tent” sometimes forms. Allow to dry overnight.

The second day you may apply another coat. Wait one hour then apply a second coat. A third coat may be applied in about 30 minutes if desired. Allow to dry overnight again

On the third day, apply your favorite spar varnish or polyurethane finish to the wraps only! Let dry overnight again.

On the fourth day you may finish the rod with your favorite final finish coat.

Color Guard is a water based product. Clean your brush with warm water. Thinning should not be necessary, but you may thin a little with a few drops of distilled water.

Warnings: Please do not place this color preserver in your eyes, mouth, nose, ears or any other body opening. Do not allow your pets, children or spouse to consume this product. Otherwise, it’s pretty safe and Non -Flammable!

We would appreciate your feedback –
Please let us know how Color Guard works for you!

Fine Print (please read it): Color Guard is a water based, liquid product. During the cold season, you order this product entirely at your own risk because we have no control over shipping temperatures and cannot guarantee that it will arrive safely. We suggest ordering Color Guard during warmer periods of the year.