Lyon & Coulson Winding Checks – 130+


$65.00 $29.95

L&C Checks – 130+!

Product Description

20th Anniversary Sale.

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If you repair or restore vintage rods, or make retro rods, this is an awesome collection of historic winding checks from our Lyon & Coulson collection.  Modern winding checks are often $8.00 – $12.00 each.  This entire package of over 130 assorted checks is on sale for less than $50.00.  Only one pack is available.

They’re probably chrome plated brass, but we make no promises.  Size?  We pulled several and they tend to run 0.650″ to 0.700″ OD, with bores in the neighborhood of 0.310″ to 0.430″.  Mixed sizes…you could certainly open them up with a diamond burr in a Dremel or Foredom tool.