Lyon & Coulson Tiptops – 3 Pack



L&C Tiptops!

Product Description

20th Anniversary Sale.

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From our Lyon & Coulson collection, we present3-Packs of vintage baitcasting tiptops.

Ring: ~9.5mm OD x 5mm ID.  Length: ~1.090″.  Tube ID: ~0.060″, which makes these ideal tips for lightweight baitcasters featuring traditional guides.

These are NOS and pretty darn clean.  A few might need a touch of Naval Jelly, but most are good to go.

Let’s say they’re worth $5.00 each.  That’s generally our baseline price for any old part we have to hunt down in the bins, bag up, and ship out the door and it barely covers the time or expense involved in handling the part.  We’ll bag these three-up and start them at less than $10.00/bag.  There are eight bags available as we start the listing.