Lyon & Coulson Strippers – 5 Pack


L&C Strippers!

Product Description


Yikes….I keep loosing this page and having to re-enter it, which is why I should never be messing around with the website.

Anyway, this page offers nine bags of 5 strippers (or baitcasting guides) from our Lyon & Coulson collection.

Pair these bad boys with our retro trigger seat hardware sets, L&C large bore cork rings, and other vintage components to make a fabulous, classic looking bait casting rod.

MOST (but not all) of these guides are about 10.5mm to 11mm OD.  A few bags may have a guide or two that is slightly lager.  You’ve been warned.

Ring: ~11mm OD x 6.5mm ID.  Height: ~0.525″.  Length: ~1.380″.

As is common for guides of this era, the frames are formed from stamped sheet metal.  The rings are probably stainless steel.  The guides have been chrome plated.  These would be a good deal at $5.00 each, but they’re on sale for less.  Grab a pack!