L&C Vintage SD Ferrules -10.5/64 – 3 Pack


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L&C Step Down Ferrules!

Product Description

20th Anniversary Sale.

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These are the ferrules that would go well with the vintage Paddle Foot Snakes recently listed in the 20th Anniversary Sale.  What a combination if you wanted to make three light, retro, silk-line flyrods!

One bag, Three Sets.   From our Lyon & Coulson collection, there are three half-sets of vintage nickel silver step-down ferrules in this bag and they appear matched.  The females feature nicely machined welts.  The males appear to be deep drawn, yet they appear to have nicely soldered water seals.  Watch your seating depth when mounting the females as they do not have water seals.

One set was measured and the slide has an OD of 0.167″ or about 10.5/64. The male is ~1.595″ long and the female is ~2.025″ long.  None of the males seat full depth with finger pressure.  They probably need light lapping with ultra-fine papers once mounted.  As will all vintage parts, you do buy these at your risk and with the understanding that it is up to you to clean them up and make them work.  They’re quite nice considering their age.

Half sets of modern Step Down ferrules run about $55.00.  These are starting out at only $99.95 for the three sets, but the price may drop.