Lyon & Coulson Small Strippers – 3 Pack – FINAL INVENTORY





L&C Micro Strippers!

Product Description



3 Guides Per Pack; a couple dozen packs are available.

Fabulous little stripping guides from our Lyon & Coulson collection.  These are probably the coolest thing in the L&C stash.  They’re small, but the ID of the ring is actually the size of the ID on a modern 8mm agate guide, so they will pass light lines with ease.  Better yet, use them to craft a retro-look silk-line flyrod.  As a third option, grab two bags and use them as the running guides on an ultra-light retro baitcaster.

We’ve been selling these for $7.95 each; bagged three-up we’ve got them below $6.00/guide.  That’s a steal for these little gems.

Ring: ~6mm OD x 4mm ID.  Height: ~0.305″.  Length: ~0.875″.

NOS.  Nearly all of these guides are clean NOS components; a few might benefit from a touch of Naval Jelly.  The feet could be wrapped as-is with a heavy silk, but do yourself a favor and carefully grind or file the feet to a nice, smooth, taper; we suggest a diamond burr in a Dremel or Foredom tool.