Lyon & Coulson Large Bore Cork Rings – 25 Pack


$62.50 $34.95

Vintage Cork From L&C!

25 Rings/Bag.

Product Description


20th Anniversary Sale. 

This is the second item we’re listing.  See the “About GW” page for more info!

These packs were first listed at $49.95; now remaining bags are $34.95.  Get a bag while you can!

Golden Witch bought a collection of Lyon & Coulson, Inc. components a few years back and we’ve quietly offered the parts to interested anglers.  Now it’s your turn.

We are offering their large bore, vintage, NOS (New, Old Stock) cork rings.  The rings are bagged and sold in batches of 25 rings, though a lucky few folks will get 26 rings since we had a few extras.

Each ring is approximately 1-1/8″ OD (1/8″ smaller than what you’re probably used to) and about 0.400″ ID.  The rings are about 1/2″ thick, but most wind up a bit shy at 0.475″ or so.  One ring of hundreds was measured, and I can see a little variety, especially in thickness.  You’ve been alerted.  Overall quality is good, but still variable.  A few rings are rough, some are A-,  many are in the realm of A, but good luck finding an A+ or Flor grade ring…not here anyway.  These are priced to move at only $2.00/ring for the 20th Anniversary Sale.

What makes these rings so cool, and so clearly vintage, is that they were cut WITHOUT regard for the orientation of the lacunae.  Some of the rings have the lacunae running parallel with the bore, so they look like normal, modern, cork rings with little pits/pores in the cross-sections of the rings and little lines running here and there on the outside of the rings.  But at least half the rings have the lacunae oriented crosswise to normal, so the pits/pores are exposed on the exterior of the rings and the lines run across the cross-sectional (gluing) faces.  What a perfect look if you’re making retro rods!  Once normal, these rings are now utterly unusual.

We only have 19 bags of 25 (or 26) rings.  Grab ’em while they’re available!