Light Wire Tip Tops


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Product Description

These tip tops are crafted from light stainless steel and plated with industrial-grade hard chrome. Ideal for use on bamboo fly rods, light graphite rods, or anywhere else that light weight and flexibility are requisite attributes.  The sizes indicated below, all in 64ths of an inch, indicate the bore (inside diameter) of the tiptop tubes, plus or minus the proverbial gnat’s ass to accommodate manufacturing tolerances and the thickness of the plating.  It’s always wise to order the size you think you need, plus the size above and below what you think you need.  Pretty soon you’ll have a stash of spares in a range of sizes and you won’t need to keep ordering extras.

  • TiCH, size 3.5/64 to 5.5/64 by halves
  • Black, sizes 3.5/64 to 6.0/64 by halves
  • Chrome, sizes 3.5/64 to 5.5/64 by halves

For lots more info on snakes & tiptops, check out our Ramble on the subject, which is getting longer than Just A Few Guide Notes.

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3.5, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5


TICH, Chrome, Black

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